Corporate Governance MBA

6 October 2011 - 11:52am

Corporate Governance has become more and more important in the field of PLCs and SMEs and I was wondering what people thought.
and I I have noticed that Edinburgh University is now offering an MBA in Corporate Goverrnance with the following elements being covered:
Corporate governance issues, concepts and domain.
External governance – law and regulation.
Codes of ‘best practice’ and norms of behaviour.
Boards of directors: the lynchpin.
Internal controls and accountability.
Risk management.
Financial market supervision and control.
Governance and financial market economics.
External reporting need vs. delivery.
Definition inconsistency and system improvement.
Reality in the face of prescription.

This as far as I can see is the only specialist degree fully focused in this topic and I am most impressed by the areas covered. I think we would all agree that this an area that can no longer be ignored and indeed is undervalued, particularly if one looks at recent issues in the media industry.
This list of areas covered seems to suggest that there is room for accountants, finance directors and company secretaries to benefit from this type of degree. It is clear that the need for a broad overview is of importance, but against that there would also appear to be a need for the responsibilities of corporate governance to
be spread amongst many.
Has anybody any experience of this degree?


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