Company Secretary

27 September 2011 - 9:20pm
Turk Town Boy

This at one time was as recognised as being equal ti a Chartered Accountant but seems to some extent to have taken a back seat. However with all of the complexities of Company Law and the Corporate Governance issues is not this a qualification that is badly needed? There are of course no specific degrees for this but a background in accounting would always be helpful. I know some CA's are also FCIS but they are now few and far between os how do people view this qualification?
PLC's need to be aware of the Corporate Governance issues as has been recently displayed in some high profile cases, and although they will have executive and non-executive directors who are assigned this area they will be advised by the Company Secretary.
Surely that is an example of this qualification being underplayed and undervalued?
What are people's thoughts?


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