Combined degrees

27 September 2011 - 8:45pm

The forum is titled business, finance and management and that seems to be a good reflection of the degrees that are on offer today. In the UK we seem to be following the American route where we there is no longer one subject but such degrees as Management and Finance or indeed Accountancy and Marketing. Now the latter as a combination at say an MBA level is easy to understand, but at bachelor's level I am struggling to see how this is beneficial. Is the education system spreading itself too thinly and trying to cover too many subjects at once. Will it detract from the quality of the degree?
My concern is that if a person studies both accountancy and marketing how do they know where their future lies? Will this type of degree cause them problems when they look for a training contract as those with a pure accounting degree may have a bigger appeal to the profession as a whole?
Masters degrees now have a very modular approach and that will have a benefit in that if you return to that degree after a few years of work experience you will know what module you need to further your career.
Is it just that universities are looking to offer more choice and if so are they ruining it for the students?


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