UHY Hacker Young and Chantrey Vellacott DFk interviews

20 March 2009 - 8:53am


I have first round interviews coming up with both these firms. Does anyone have any experience with them? Any info greatly appreciated.


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  • 12 April 2010 - 2:29pm
    • Am3thyst

    Can anyone tell me what sort of testing Chantrey Vellacott do e.g shl, kenexa?

  • 19 March 2010 - 3:43pm
    • jameslodder

    Hi all,

    I manage the graduate recruitment process here at UHY in London.

    Our process is quite straightforward, we don't go in for psychometrics or verbal and numerical reasoning tests but just have a face-to-face interview with one of our newly qualified staff and a short written exercise. You don’t need to prepare for the written exercise, it’s really quite simple and just to check that you can write a formal communication. We prefer for our newly qualified staff to interview because they were in your position three years before and so we think you will get the most useful advice from them about the job.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the process at all, please feel free to give me a call on 0207 2164620.

    James Lodder
    UHY Hacker Young LLP

  • 11 March 2010 - 12:21pm
    • ktothep


    I also have been invited to an interview with Chantrey Vellacott.

    I would be very grateful if someone who has been to one already could share their experiences.

    Many thanks!

  • 9 March 2010 - 3:44pm
    • James23

    Yes can anyone share anything about the Chantrey Vellacott interview experience?

  • 4 March 2010 - 8:00pm
    • sen0101

    Is there anybody who took the test of Chantrey Vellacott DFK? Can you please tell me what kind of test it was? How did it go?

    Many thanks in advance,

  • 26 February 2010 - 12:07pm
    • James23

    HAve you had the interview sabingle? Could you share your experiences please? I have an interview coming up very soon.

  • 4 January 2010 - 10:14am
    • sabingle

    Hi All,

    I have just found out i am due to attend a second interview with UHY Hacker Young later this week and i am wondering if anyone has any adivce/experiences they could share with me?

    What will the format be like? and is there any test involved and what are they?

    All help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you

  • 23 March 2009 - 11:14am
    • blueray84

    I am waiting also.
    Zaza, how long after your app./confirmation email did it take to get the invite? Also, do you have a while before your interview or are you given short notice?
    Thanks, any input would be much appreciated.

  • 22 March 2009 - 12:54pm
    • khaddi

    yeha i got that mail saying that they were behind but got no call so far :(

  • 20 March 2009 - 7:29pm
    • khaddi

    Hi when did they come back to you still waiting to hear from UHY hacker young

  • 21 March 2009 - 6:01pm
    • Zaza

    Literally they called this week, they sent an email before saying they're a bit behind with things so have been later getting back to people.