Team work example

6 September 2008 - 11:23am

Hie guys,

Its me agian, do you think my example of teamwork comes across as a positive competence? I tried to do include all aspects of the S.T.A.R technique.

I will appreciate any feedback from you.

Thank you.

As part of my degree requirement we were supposed to do a research project in a group of 5 members. We had to write up a lengthy report and give a presentation within a four week deadline. Our tutor was always available via email in case we need to ask any questions.

My colleagues and i decided to split the work accordingly and decided to meet twice a week to give update our work and check on the group’s progress as a whole making sure our work was in sync.

Even though we had decided we would meet twice a week, i often had to email or call my colleagues to update them of my progress and find out how they were going on.

I also suggested we meet with our supervisor so that we could check if we were on the right track and if we were producing decent work. I emailed our supervisor to arrange weekly appointments to get feedback on our work.

I have no reservations about hard and long hours of work as I am goal orientated. I remained loyal and committed to the team and was able to use my creativity and interpersonal skills to mobilize the team to be motivated. As a result due to my careful planning and diligence, our work was well structured.

The PowerPoint presentation was a state- of the art one. We were able to complete the project with excellent grade, an 8 out of 10.


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