KPMG offer - please help!

18 April 2008 - 11:22am
Hi there. I am in a bit of a difficult situation here and would greatly appreciate any help/advice. I had my KPMG e-tray last week and partner interview yesterday. This morning I received an email from their HR informing me that I have passed the AC and that they would like to make me a graduate offer. However, they can't make the offer for the programme that I'd orginally applied for as all offers for that particular programme have been made (subject to acceptances). They maintain that they have a keen interest in my application and give me the following two options: 1) Keep my application on hold for 4 weeks in which time they would know if any spaces become available. 2) Change the discipline but to do so I'd need to submit a new career motivation statement, indicating why I am interested in that discipline and what I'd expect to do in the first year... or "change location, you will not be able to transfer during your 3 year training contract and will need to demonstrate your commitment to that office. You will need to understand location of the client base at that office and the travelling requirements that you would be required to undertake. If you choose to change location, we will of course arrange for you to visit the office to meet your new colleagues." The dilemma for me is that I need a work permit. The deadline for work permit applications at KPMG ends on 30th April, which is less than two weeks from now! Also, as the programme I initially applied for is highly competitive, I doubt if anybody would reject the offer, and I am not sure how many people are on the waiting list just like me. I think currently I am more inclined to opt for the 2nd choice - change the location but stick to the same discipline. However, I am worried that if I choose to do so I'd be asked to go for another interview and still get rejected after spending so much time trying to secure the offer! I emailed the HR contact enquiring about the situation but got an auto-reply saying that she'd be back to check her emails on 22nd April... She does, however, left the numbers of her colleagues in case of emergency. [COLOR=Red]Should I call her colleagues to discuss my concerns? Would that be rude since she has been the main contact throughout the application process? Which option do you think is more sensible given my situation? Do you think KPMG is really that keen or is this email just another (polite) way of saying NO to my application? Anyone having/had been in a similar situation please shed some light.[/COLOR] Thanks a million!!!


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