JPMorgan Technology Interview & Assessment

Technology Application Process

  • Online Application
  • First round interviews and assesment
  • Assessment Centre

First Round

If your online application is successful, you will be invited to first round interviews. One interview will be competency based, and will assess your leadership, teamwork, and initiative, as well as you suitability for the company. See JPMorgan Interview questions for more examples of competency based questions.
The other interview will be a technical interview, and will assess your knowledge and expertise in your given area. Examples of questions you may be asked include:

  • What software do you prefer using?
  • Name as piece of software that you think has issues, and what are those issues?

Depending on the specific role for which you have applied, you may first be asked to complete a technical test, which will test your understanding of how to design a program, not using a particular language. There is significant time pressure, and no one correct answer. Following this test you will be asked in your technical interview about how you think you did, what you could have improved upon, what you would do differently if given more time, and why you completed the task the way you did.

Technology Assessment Centre

The technology assessment centre consists of:

Group Exercise

Students are asked to look at various pieces of evidence and information to formulate a solution to a technical business problem. Be courteous and encourage quieter candidates to have their opinions heard, as well as keeping an eye on the time and making sure the discussion is moving forward. They are more interested in how you work in a team than how you solve the problem.


As a follow-up to the group exercise, candidates will be asked to analyse their own and the entire group’s performance and behaviour. This interview will also delve deeper into the candidates motivations for a career in Technology. This will be a one-on-one interview, and the initial part of the interview will discuss the group exercise, with questions such as:

  • Do you think you showed any leadership?
  • What was your contribution?
  • Did you correct anyone?
  • Have you ever had a similar experience?

This will be followed some competency based interview questions and standard career motivation questions, such as:

  • Why JPMorgan?
  • Why IT?

Written Exercise

Working with the same case, candidates are asked to develop the result from the group exercise further by answering a series of questions. To finish they will discuss their written answer with an assessor from the business.

Note - The above applies for graduate roles. For Internships in Technology, there is only one stage after the online application. This is an Assessment Centre consisting of:

For more information about internships at JPMorgan, see JPMorgan Internships and Work Placements.

Following the Assessment Centre, you will be notified of their decision within 72 hours.