Simmons & Simmons Interview Questions

Last Updated: 20 February 2020

The application and interview process for a training contract with Simmons & Simmons is:

Online application

This requires you to fill in various personal details and submit responses to several questions that require you to discuss your motivation for applying to the company, your motivation for studying law and your extra-curricular activites.

Assessment day

The assessment day lasts about three hours altogether. It consists of:

  • Case study questions
  • Individual interview
  • Office tour

Case study questions

This takes place with one associate. There are two case study questions:

  • First case study question - this is a contract law problem. You will have to discuss the question and your response with your interviewer.
  • Second case study question - you will have to read through several pages of information and then draft a (non-legal) letter. No discussion is required, this is just a written exercise and lasts for 40 minutes.


Your interview will be with either an associate or partner. You will be asked questions such as:

  • Why did you get ....(your particular grade).... in a certain subject?
  • Why did you choose your specific university.

You will also be asked specific questions about your CV and online application. Some questions may be competency based. There are no questions on commercial issues, although you may be asked to discuss an ethical dilemma.

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