ABN AMRO Interview Questions

Last Updated: 20 February 2020

Application and Interview Process

  • First stage:
    • Numerical reasoning & verbal reasoning tests
    • First interview
  • Second stage:
    • Interview with senior line manager
    • Reasoning interview (responses to hypothetical situations)
    • Case study
    • Group exercise

Interview Questions

First Stage

Reasoning Tests

The ABN AMRO reasoning test is not your standard SHL test, although it is fairly similar. It is a numerical reasoning test which incorporates verbal reasoning and gets progressively harder from start to finish. To make things harder you are marked according to your accuracy as well as for right answers.

You will need a score of at least 14 to pass this test and if you are successful at this stage, you will be asked to stay behind and attend a competency based interview on the same day.

If you are unsuccessful you will be provided with feedback on your test scores and sent home.