Summer Internships

Updated 24 May 2020


A summer internship is a very good opportunity to get crucial work experience in your summer holiday period, whilst developing industry contacts, making new friends and even earning reasonable money.

Summer internships are available to any undergraduate student, but will require candidates to undergo a strenuous application, interview and assessment process.

Why Take a Summer Internship?

Summer internships are particularly useful because they provide students with a taste of an industry, an employer and a particular job role is really like.

Even in the worst-case scenario, a summer internship that you do not enjoy will not be detrimental to your studies or your future employment prospects in any way. Instead, it will provide an extra incentive for an employer to call you for interview when you start applying for graduate jobs – you will have learnt many important workplace skills during your internship, which are important to an employer.

On the other hand, if you do enjoy your internship, it is highly possible your employer will offer you a full-time job upon graduation, or the chance to interview for a full-time job.

Securing an Internship

The process involved with getting a summer internship is fairly similar to that of applying for graduate jobs. It is likely there will be an online application, online aptitude tests, formal interviews and an assessment centre. However, candidates for internships will not be expected to know about careers, industries or specific job roles in as much detail as their graduate job candidate counterparts.

Internship for Summer

Summer internships usually last for eight weeks. Some summer internships may include periods spent abroad, on secondment, or in more than one office in the UK.