Procter & Gamble Working Culture

Procter & Gamble Company Working Culture


Procter & Gamble have a company culture of moderately flexible working hours if the need arises. However, your working week may be long. You will be hired to work a 40-hour week, although in practice this usually increases to approximately 50 - 70 hours a week.


Graduate training salaries at Procter & Gamble start at between £25,000 - £29,000. There are reasonably good benefits including company pension scheme and healthcare (but not dental care).

There is no signing on bonus at Procter & Gamble and employees do not receive bonuses until they've worked at the firm for at least five years.


For sales (CBD) - a lot of travelling to clients and colleges. Possible to go to Germany or Spain for client meetings.
For finance - much less, but once a year sales finance goes to Geneva for 1 week to exchange experience.

Dress code

Procter & Gamble employees wear business casual attire for internal meetings and business wear for external meetings.

Career progression

Procter & Gamle employs a team of people to plan out career moves within the company. Its important for you to promote yourself with your manager to ensure your career path is being planned in the same way you have planned it. Every year you review your achievements with your manager, who then tells you what roles you should do to develop certain qualities (like people management, sales skills) in order to progress.


Secondments to Procter & Gamble's european HQ's (e.g. Geneva) are common after 2 - 5 years although not usually during graduate training.


Graduates receive about 25 days holiday per year (although this differs slightly between 20 - 25 depending on areas of company) and one additional "company" day, which all employees are allowed off.

If you work on a Saturday or Sunday (which you are likely to have to do at some point) you can claim back 1.5 holiday days in lieu of the 1 day worked.