PwC Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance is the largest graduate scheme offered by PwC.

Audit Industry Sectors within PwC

Graduates joining at the Associate level have a choice of what industry sector they would like to work in, but must make this choice before joining. The sectors are:

  • I&IM - Insurance & Investment Management
  • B&CM - Banking & Capital Markets
  • TICE-Energy - Technology, Information Communication, Entertainment and Energy
  • CIPS - Consumer Industrial Products and Services

NB. Graduates applying to join the London office will be offered the choice of LTT and LMT instead of TICE and CIPS:

  • LTT - London Top Tier (large companies / FTSE 100)
  • LMT - London Mid Tier (smaller companies / FTSE 250).

In financial services audit and in the hours are usually longer and the work more technical and less varied than in other sectors. When making your choice, you will be committing for the duration of your training contract. It helps to have an idea which sector you would like to join and why prior to your interview.


The training is for ICAEW ACA. Accounting college is attended full time for period of approximately six weeks at a time. Independent study is required in the evenings and weekends.

Applicant Requirements

The standard applicant will have a 2.1 in any degree from any university. Intake is approximately 50% finance/business/economics related subjects, and 50% other.

Contract Details

Your training contract with PwC will be for three years. You will be expected to study in evenings and weekends towards the ACA exams. You are not paid or rewarded for study time at the weekends, however you will attend college and you are paid to do so. Your college fees will also be paid for.

You are required to pass all your exams. The pass mark is 50 or 55% depending on the module. Results between 45% and 54% are permitted one resit, at the expense of the individual. Results below 45% and failed resits will result in immediate dismissal.

Overtime Arrangements

As part of the contract, you will be required to work overtime on demand. Audit work is seasonal and busy season is usually January - March. You may find yourself working a lot of hours during this period, especially on financial services clients in London.

Travel Requirements

As most of the work will be performed at clients, you will be required to travel considerably. All your expenses will be reimbursed. For London auditors working in financial services, you may well be required to stay in hotels around the country for weeks at a time, returning only at weekends.

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