Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review

What Is the Becker CPA Review?

The CPA Exam is the first step to becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). It is known for its complicated application process and challenging questions.

The exam is split into four sections that can be taken individually over 18 months. It is taken after completing a bachelor's degree and costs, on average, $1,000.

The pass rate for the CPA Exam is around 50%.

As such, CPA study guides and courses are available to help participants perform their best in the exams.

The Becker CPA Review is one of the first review courses created, having been founded in 1957 by accountant and entrepreneur Newton Becker.

It has since developed a reputation as being the leader in CPA Exam prep.

The Big Fouraccounting firms, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Klynveld Peat Marwick Gierdeler (KPMG), use Becker, increasing its reputation and making it a popular choice amongst accounting students.

The Becker CPA Review does not promote its pass rate. But it does state that more than 90% of Watts Sells Award winners are Becker alumni.

This nationally recognized award is from the Accounting Insitute for Success and celebrates the highest performing CPA Exam students.

What Does Becker CPA Review Offer?

The Becker CPA Review course comes with three different price points, depending on budget and personal needs.

The course is self-paced, with options to watch recorded or live webinars, and includes a study schedule.

It has over 8,000 multiple-choice questions, 500 task-based simulations, more than 400 SkillMaster videos and 275 hours of lectures.

Real-person support is provided through online tutoring, online chat and in person.

Becker also provides a mobile app, and a video game called Becker Accounting for Empires, designed to take the pressure off of learning.

Books and e-books are provided and updated twice a year to reflect any new CPA exam changes.

The lectures and webinars are also regularly updated.

Most impressively, however, is their adaptive software, Adapt2U, which makes for a truly personalized learning experience.

The technology tracks all your course interactions to create a customized study path that focuses on your learning needs and weaker areas.

To get started, you complete a pre-assessment of four to eight multiple-choice questions to set your optimal program level.

From there, you choose whether to start with a comprehensive lecture-based review or to continue with multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations.

After each unit, you complete questions based on your current skill set to build confidence and understanding.

Your reviews also include your current CPA exam grade and the level of questioning, so you have something tangible to compare your performance to.

How Much Does the Becker CPA Review Cost?

The Becker CPA Review has three price points:

  1. Advantage – $2,399
  2. Premium – $2,900
  3. Pro – $3,499

There is a 14-day unlimited access free trial, and offers and promotions are continuously advertised throughout the year.

Additionally, Becker offers Flexpay, a pre-approved credit card used to pay off your course over time.

It is interest-free and provides a three, nine or 18-month payment plan.

The course fees then become as little as:

  • $133.27 per month for Advantage
  • $166.61 per month for Premium
  • 196.38 for Pro

Are the Upgrades Worth It?

When preparing for a crucial exam, we are always tempted to go for the higher packages. However, it may not always be necessary.

All three subscriptions come with:

  • Audio and visual videos – Advantage has 230+ hours, Premium and Pro have 275+
  • Task-based simulations – Advantage offers 400+, Premium and Pro have 500+
  • Adapt2U technology
  • 400+ SkillMaster videos
  • Four-part review course
  • Annotated digital textbooks and printed books
  • 1,300+ digital flashcards
  • 12 simulator exams
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • FAQ database
  • Mobile app with offline access
  • Study planner
  • Video game
  • Study notes
  • Flexible financing
  • One-on-one academic support

Pro and Premium come with additional features such as access to a success coach, a final review, an additional multiple-choice question bank, unlimited course access and liveOnline classroom scheduling.

The features unique to the Premium subscription are:

  • 1,300+ printed flashcards
  • Five one-hour personal tutoring sessions

Which subscription you choose is entirely your choice and dependent on the support level you need and your budget.

If you can afford the Pro subscription, then there is no reason why you should not take advantage of the extra features.

Becker CPA Review: Advantages and Disadvantages
Becker CPA Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

What Are the Advantages of the Becker CPA Review Course?

The Materials Are High-Quality

There is no denying that the tools and features offered in the Becker CPA Review Course are of high value.

The course notes are thorough and give all the information you need.

The 150 hours of instruction comes from CPAs, exam experts and attorneys, so you know you are getting practical advice and information.

You can clearly see that every feature is designed to help you develop your understanding.

There Is a Large Number of Practice Simulations

A vital part of the CPA exam is the task-based simulations.

The Becker CPA Review has over 400 simulations for you to practice, leaving you more than prepared for the real exam.

It Closely Resembles the Real Exam

The Becker CPA Review is aligned to the AICAP blueprint making all their questions very similar to the real thing.

It also has excellent written answer explanations so you can see where you need to develop.

There Are Video Explanations for Simulations and Multiple-Choice Questions

These explanation videos include step-by-step instructions from the instructors detailing the question and answer process allowing you to visualize your exam.

There Is an App

The mobile app can be used on and offline, allowing you to study anywhere and at any time.

Unlike competitor apps, the Becker app is just as comprehensive as its website, with nearly all the features being available.

There Is a Video Game

Accounting for Empires is designed to make the learning process more enjoyable.

Players need to answer the multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations to earn points. These points are then used to build markets, universities and banks.

There are around 140 hours of gameplay, and players need to demonstrate their skills through knowledge and game strategy.

You begin by building key institutions such as a library, bank and university.

The library gives access to topic discussions such as individual taxation.

To make the game more exciting, multiplayer mode allows you to create alliances and conduct espionage.

It Comes With a Bank of Video Lessons and Live Teaching Options

For those who benefit from live learning and getting answers in real-time, Becker is the only CPA exam course that offers live teaching.

There are also over 200 hours of video lessons covering every aspect of the exam and almost every scenario.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Becker CPA Review Course?

It Is Expensive

$2,000+ for an exam prep pack is very expensive, especially when you include the cost of the exam.

You may also be paying rent, student loans and everyday expenses at this time as well.

In comparison, the Ninja CPA Review costs $67 per month, and the Rodger CPA Review is $1,899. So similar test prep is also expensive.

There Are No Audio Lessons

While there are many video lessons, an app and a video game, Becker doesn't have any options for those who prefer just audio.

You cannot, for example, listen to a lecture like a podcast during a walk or while exercising.

The Lectures Can Be Dull

While the lecturers are incredibly knowledgeable, they are not the most enthusiastic. Nor do they explain the concepts with personal examples, making the session dull.

Some students may also struggle with the length of the lectures, especially if they are not engaging.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Becker CPA Review is an excellent resource.

Many large companies use Becker for their in-house candidates, and it is incorporated into the AICPA blueprint.

However, because of its reputation, it is the most expensive on the market and there are cheaper, equally reliable options available.

The Becker CPA Review is incredibly comprehensive; however, the pass rates of other courses suggest that quantity is not necessarily always better.

  • Ninja, at $67 per month, has a pass rate of 85% to 95%.

  • Surgent has an 88% pass rate and starts at $1,599 for the ‘Essentials’ subscription.

  • Rodger CPA Review boasts a 91% pass rate and starts its subscriptions at $1,899.

  • Becker does not disclose its pass rate.

Your decision will come down to personal preference and budget.

Before committing to a CPA review, take advantage of the free trials available and assess the:

  • Ease of use
  • Quality of the learning materials
  • Additional resources
  • Access to tutoring

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