The Best Online Singing Courses in 2022

The Best Online Singing Courses in 2022

The Best Online Singing Courses in 2022

With the growth of online learning, there are very few skills and qualifications you can't acquire at home with the help of a virtual tutor.

Singing is a recent addition to the list.

Whether or not your goal is to become the next big thing in pop music, make it to the final rounds of Britain’s Got Talent or simply improve your performance in the karaoke booth or the shower in the mornings, there are plenty of benefits to learning to sing.

Why Choose an Online Singing Course?

Benefits of Singing

A small amount of singing practice each day can improve alertness, relieve stress and improve memory.

Singing is an aerobic practice that opens up the airways and involves all the major muscle groups of the upper body. Through practice improving breathing, it increases oxygenation and blood flow, thereby encouraging the body and mind to work together.

Singing is cathartic and releases the same happy hormones as yoga or running. Our earliest experiences, even pre-birth, relate to the voice – we identify the pitch of voices and locate ourselves in the world through listening before we’ve even opened our eyes.

Singing can help you realize your musical potential and support learning any other instrument. And as your voice costs nothing to use and is with you all the time, learning to sing is a low-investment, high-return practice to give a go if you are interested in improving any other musical skills.

If your professional life is largely client-facing or involves public speaking, learning to sing can help support development in confidence and clarity whilst speaking to groups of people. Learning to master expression and capture an audience are highly transferable skills.

Benefits of Learning Online

Learning to sing online means that your practice and lessons can be taken from the comfort of your own home.

Singing is something many of us have lost touch with and might not feel comfortable doing in the presence of others, even trained vocal coaches, so there is no risk of feeling embarrassed in front of someone else.

Learning to sing online is cost-effective and saves time.

In-person music lessons can cost anything from £35 to £60 per hour, with more qualified, experienced tutors sometimes charging £80 or more for their services.

Two or four lessons in a month could therefore cost you much more than an online singing course, for far fewer hours.

As it stands, there is no qualification for music tutors on offer in the UK, so it can be hard to evaluate a tutor’s credentials. However, many online singing courses are delivered by the world’s best singers.

From Grammy award-winning vocalists to coaches with star-studded student rosters, online singing courses give you access to the best of the best from wherever you are in the world.

Many courses offer opportunities for tutor feedback, so you won’t be learning alone or without the support benefits of in-person tutoring.

Learning to sing online is low-pressure. People take singing courses for all sorts of reasons, and if singing is something you are exploring out of curiosity, a finite course doesn’t mean forming a relationship with a tutor in person or incurring large on-going costs.

What It Takes to Become a Good Singer

Your voice is equipped with tools you might never have tapped into, from range and volume to tone and expression.

Whilst it can take years to start singing at a professional level, all it takes to become a good singer is to tap into and explore all the incredible things your voice can do, and to switch on your ears to evaluate your vocal output.

Like any muscle in your body, training is simple – as long as you work at it regularly and bring awareness to what you are trying to develop, you will make progress as a singer quickly.

Online singing courses range in focus, but most will give a grounding in:

  • The basic techniques for breathing support
  • Using your voice safely
  • Intonation, or singing in tune
  • Exploring the different voice qualities for expression, posture, range and style

Some courses will even offer digital tools and recording software that can help you listen back to your work and improve tuning.

Once these foundations are in place, online singing courses will help build a toolkit to take singing in any direction you like and define what it means to you to be a good singer.

How Do Online Singing Courses Work?

There is a huge variety of online singing course structures on offer.

  • Some offer short video tutorials, with others offering pure audio content to listen to anywhere.

  • A few include PDF or physical workbooks to support and record progress with, as well as recording software to build a portfolio.

  • Most begin with a focus on technique and tools, whilst others focus on improving performance and capturing audience attention.

Not all online singing courses will allow choice over songs or styles to work in, so it is worth looking into the songs included in the course in advance and checking these match up both to your vocal range and the style of music you would enjoy working in the most.

Generally, the content of online singing courses is of high quality.

Most work with video tuition, designed and improved to keep learners engaged and motivated. Most are self-paced learning experiences that encourage you to practice little but often, fitting the small amount of practice they require into your daily schedule easily.

Some courses are subscription-based whilst others offer a fixed number of lessons with a certificate of completion at the end.

A notable difference between learning online and learning in person is a lack of feedback, but some courses do offer opportunities for asking tutors questions and receiving direct support with your work.

Pros and Cons of Learning to Sing Online


Singing Online Is Cost-Effective

Prices for courses range from monthly subscriptions of $29 per month to fixed costs of between $60 and $200.

These all include around three to five hours of video content, and some include opportunities to meet with your tutor one-on-one.

By comparison to playing around £40 per hour for one-on-one in-person singing tuition, online singing courses are a lot cheaper to access per hour of content.

With online learning platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, a free trial means that you can even get some of this content for nothing, and cancel your subscription at any time if the course isn’t working for you.

Celebrity Tuition

Online singing courses give you access to some of the world’s best singers and tutors, from Christina Aguillera, who even shares some personal anecdotes and stories from her career, to Roger Love, who is known for having worked with Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, John Mayer and Eminem, to name a few.

Learn in Comfort

Good singing requires you to be comfortable, relaxed and confident, and all of these things can be difficult to achieve in the presence of other people.

Online singing courses mean you can try out new techniques in the comfort of your own home, to your own schedule and save on travel time/costs visiting tutors.


Of course, there are downsides to learning to sing online.

Lack of Feedback

It can be difficult to give feedback to online music students as a tutor can’t make demonstrations and has to rely more heavily on verbal explanations of their processes.

This can really slow one-to-one online lessons down, and in online singing courses, the opportunity for feedback is, for the most part, absent.

Virtual Learning Limitations

Singing is a physical practice. A good vocal tutor will not just be listening to the quality of the sound you are producing but watching with close attention the way you are sitting or standing, breathing, and using your body to produce a sound.

You might think twice about hiring an online dance tutor for similar reasons; that tutor can’t assess your movements accurately through a camera.

An online singing course cannot help you evaluate your posture, breathing or muscle use as well as in-person singing lessons can.

Digital Sound Limitations

Even with the support of digital tuners, it is impossible to sing in tune with a digital sound. So, when learning to sing online, you are not exercising your ability to sing in tune, no matter how accurate you might sound on a recording.

This is because our voices evolved to match each other by listening not just to the notes we are producing but also to their mutual overtones which are the same or seem to go together, in harmony.

When two sounds are not in harmony, they create a scratchy, ringing sound that is unpleasant to our ears.

When we sing tones that are at exactly the same frequency as another person or choose one which has some matching overtones, the higher notes which reinforce no longer clash with each other and create a sense of ease.

It releases serotonin when we hear a voice harmonize with our own, and it’s the reason we all sound better singing in the shower – in echoing spaces, we can listen to our own voices and match our own overtones.

Synthesized sounds (for example, a recorded voice coming out of your computer) don’t have these inaudible overtones as they are filtered out, and so provide no opportunity for you to develop this almost subconscious ability to tap into being in tune. At its most fundamental level, this is what singing is really all about.

Lack of Physicality

Every tutor’s approach to singing is very different, but most will use a range of physical exercises in a lesson that might incorporate lying down on the floor, pressing up against a wall or moving around in a space. They will also use their bodies and hands to help you dig into the sensations of new muscles working hard.

It might be much harder to really gain a good grounding in technique without having a physical tutor in the room to watch and make small interventions with movements that might not be visible over a camera.

The Best Online Singing Courses in {YEAR}
The Best Online Singing Courses in {YEAR}

8 Best Online Singing Courses

1. 30-Day Singer

Price: $29 per month or $129 per year

The course which gets the best reviews across the board is the 30-Day Singer.

This online singing course offers over 150 hours of lessons, with four tracks of study to choose between. It focuses on establishing the essential techniques you will need to become a confident, adaptable singer and uses songs of various styles to practice on.

It is self-paced and delivers lessons broken into short step-by-step video courses, with instructor help available if you need it. It offers a 14-day free trial, free preview lessons and a money-back guarantee if you don’t see progress.

The 30-Day Singer is the shortest online course available and is the most comprehensive. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate singers.

With a monthly or yearly subscription, it could become an expensive investment if you are not prepared to undertake regular practice, but with the level of flexibility the course offers as well as ongoing support, it is a worthwhile investment.

Visit the 30-Day Singer

2. Singorama 2.0

Price: $67 fixed fee

Singorama is a great course for beginners that will equip you with strong basic vocal techniques, proper warm-ups and support real growth in range and expression.

Led by Australian TV personality Melanie Alexander, the course includes 28 lessons, as well as a PDF and physical workbook to support and track progress.

Singorama’s stand out feature is that the twenty-minute lessons are audio only, ideal if you are screen fatigued or would rather practice your singing whilst out on a walk with headphones or moving around the house. It also includes recording software with pitch recognition to help improve intonation and to help you listen to your growth as a singer.

Singorama requires only 15 minutes of practice a day, with a confident 60-day money-back guarantee. At such a low price, it is also one of the most affordable online singing courses with a healthy amount of content included.

Visit Singorama

3. Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing – Masterclass

Price: $180 fixed fee or one-year membership including other courses

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing is a performance-focused online singing course that goes beyond basic techniques to explore how to captivate audiences, extend vocal range and diversify vocal expression to make a show engaging and exciting.

Unlike other online singing courses, and as with all Masterclass training, this course is focused on professional development and is designed for individuals with a real goal to perform as soloists.

As well as offering lessons, Christina breaks down some of her greatest hits and offers insight into stories from her performing career. This course also offers a workbook and digital range-finding tool.

A more expensive course, it is worth investing in if you already have the basics of good vocal technique and are looking to work hard on it.

You can combine subscribing to this course with a year-long membership to, at £170 per year, giving you access to hundreds of professional courses with the world's best.

This makes the price seem more reasonable, given the caliber of the tutor and the quality of the content.

Masterclass is an established, well-designed platform with high-end content and excellent user interfaces, which will make all the difference to your overall online singing course experience, and are worth the cost.

Visit Masterclass

4. Roger Love’s Singing Academy

Price: $197

Roger Love describes himself as America’s number one vocal coach and has taught over 130,000 people to sing.

His back catalogue of superstar students are all working in pop, and this course works almost exclusively in popular music styles, branching occasionally into rock and jazz.

A performance-focused online singing course, the 35 video, level one course includes lessons on microphone techniques and overcoming stage fright, which stands it apart from courses focused on technique.

There is an option to upgrade to level 2 for an extra $100.

The course gives you access to the Love Notes training system, although there are plenty of other free vocal training tools available online.

It is suitable for all skill levels, but at such a high price, you are likely paying for the name as much as the content.

The website, even at the point of purchase, is a little hard to navigate, so the course interface is likely to need some updating too.

Visit Roger Love’s Singing Academy

5. Superior Singing Method

Price: $97

The Superior Singing Method online singing course is aimed at anyone who is looking to improve their singing technique, claiming to transform your voice through step-by-step, systematic exercises and short lessons.

Eight modules cover everything from great warm-ups and intonation to improving vocal agility.

The course now offers two bonus modules and four supplementary mini-courses, presumably to compete with other more established online singing courses, and there is the option to pay for more advanced plans.

The course also offers a handful of opportunities for feedback from the instructor, as well as a free workbook. Each module finishes with a quiz.

The course instructor, Aaron Anastasi, is an experienced performer, although has fewer credentials than some of the celebrities offering courses.

From a quick scour of the website, the user interface usability looks somewhat underdeveloped, even at the point of sale it is hard to navigate, so we think the course its self is likely to need some updating.

By comparison to other online singing courses, the Superior Singing Method does offer a lot of content at a much lower cost.

Visit the Superior Singing Method

6. Skillshare – Singing Made Easy

Price: £84 per year or £7 per month

Skillshare’s Singing Made Easy online singing course includes 17 short video lessons that are suitable for all levels of singer.

An award-winning instructor, Gabriel Burrafato, offers concise, well-designed exercises for daily singing practice that guide you through the fundamentals of breathing.

It is one of the few online singing courses which offers a chance to ask the instructor questions.

Skillshare offers a two-month free trial, so it is possible to get all the benefits of the course, and even complete it, without paying a penny. After that, the cost of the course is only included in a subscription to Skillshare, but at £84 a year, this is a fraction of the cost of other online singing courses and gives you unlimited access to all other Skillshare courses as well.

Unlike some of the self-created courses by celebrity vocal coaches, the Skillshare site offers excellent usability, a clear interface, high-end video and audio production, and even transcripts of classes to revisit.

Visit Skillshare – Singing Made Easy

7. Udemy Learn to Sing (Even if You Suck)

Price: £13.99, reduced from £59.99

Udemy’s Learn to Sing Even if You Suck is one of the most affordable online singing courses available.

With only 140 minutes of tutorial content, split into 37 lessons, this is the micro-learning option, ideal for a busy person who is curious to learn more about their voice with small impactful activities.

Created by Micah Blake, the course focuses on the anxious beginner, with a module on psychological blocks and how to get over initial nerves around singing, something none of the other courses listed here cover.

Udemy offers a well-developed, well-designed user interface for learning, and provides higher quality, more easily navigable learning resources than many others.

You can pay for a one-off course without a subscription. The low cost also gives you lifetime access to the course content.

Visit Udemy Learn to Sing

8. Skillshare Singing Made Easy Level 2

Price: £84 per year or £7 per month

We’re including another Skillshare course because of the accessible price, the excellent interface and the snappy short lesson content that makes a high impact in a short amount of time.

The 15 short lesson videos are packed with activities, guaranteeing improvement and offer the opportunity to progress from the basic singing course in a low pressure, self-paced way.

Again, the Skillshare pricing model is the most cost-effective online singing course, and in terms of quality, gives the most for your money.

Visit Skillshare Level 2

Final Thoughts

Although some online singing courses designed and delivered by celebrity instructors have long been the market leaders in online singing courses, with advancement and demand in e-learning, some lower-cost courses offered through platforms like Skillshare or Udemy might provide a better designed, more learner-centered experience.

With online singing course tutors, it is important to remember that credentials as a performer don’t necessarily make for a great teacher. Take time to watch preview videos and establish whether the tutor, no matter how famous, is a person who you would like to learn from.

Given that all voices have major differences, particularly between male and female-bodied voices, it is surprising that there aren’t more courses focused on improving singing for higher or lower voices. It is unusual, in real life, for vocal coaches to work with singers whose voices are different from their own.

Again, take time to analyse the course content and check whether the tutor’s voice and the songs they choose to teach, match your style and your goals.

There is a major difference between a lesson and a masterclass, but whether what you’re buying is one or the other isn’t always made clear in an online singing course description.

In a masterclass, participants watch learning or demonstration, without much opportunity to participate or try new techniques themselves. In a good lesson, most of the activity should be being undertaken by you, the student, through practicing, listening and repeating back, and with opportunities to explore and create yourself.

We’d advise you to choose the online singing course within your price range where you will be working the hardest, so look for courses which describe activities as well as topics in their descriptions.

Online singing courses offer a low-cost, low-pressure opportunity for anyone to explore singing, improve as a performer and discover its benefits.

With such a wide range of courses available, there is every reason to dip your toe into singing at a level that suits you, with a short online singing course, or dive into the deep end with a world-leading vocal master.

Without ever having to overcome nerves singing in front of others, or leave your own home, there should be no difficulty in finding an online singing course that gets you to where you want to be as a singer.