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Updated 29 November 2018

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SiftAbility™ is known as a Situational Judgement assessment tool. In this type of test, candidates are presented with real life situations based on the challenges they are likely to face in the actual workplace of the employer they are interviewing with. Candidates will be asked what they would do in response to each given scenario.

This type of test is usually taken online, and access is usually provided once an online application form of some kind is completed.

The exercises in SiftAbility tests are not timed but once you have started an exercise it must be completed before closing the window (although there is a facility to save it). When you have completed scenarios you must submit the responses to the individual exercises so that they can be assessed.

Once your employer receives all candidate results, they will compare performances to produce a merit list of candidates with cut-off standards appropriate to the particular roles applied for.

SiftAbility™ Tests

SiftAbility™ tests are said to remove many criticisms concerning fairness and validity that are directed at more traditional testing methods. For example, the ability to work without a time restriction is a benefit for people with specific reading and mental processing difficulties. Because the questions are situational, and not academic, they are also said to take out the bias of different standards of education, from the job assessment process.

There is no scientific evidence to back up these claims, although the test has proved a useful means of assessing candidates for some job roles.

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