SHL (known in full as SHL Group Ltd) create and provide psychometric tests (SHL tests) for employers to use as part of their recruitment assessment and selection processes. SHL produce psychometric / aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests, inductive reasoning tests, personality questionnaires and motivation questionnaires, in both paper and online formats. SHL tests are commonly used at assessment centres and in first stage online assessments of candidates.

SHL Test Use

SHL is one of the most well known aptitude and psychometric test providers in the UK, where the company has its headquarters (which are in Surbiton, Surrey). Although the company is global, its international offices are much smaller than its UK office. Whilst many of the UK Times Top 100 graduate employers use SHL tests for at least part of their graduate assessment process, very few companies use SHL tests in America, Europe, Asia or elsewhere outside of the UK.

Preparing for SHL Tests

SHL tests usually test candidates on numerical, verbal or logical reasoning skills or on personality traits. For psychometric (or personality) type tests, there is little preparation to do. The questions in these tests do not test a certain type of skill, but act as a measure of your personality type to provide your potential employer some insight into what kind of employee you will be. It is possible to prepare for aptitude tests which measure your numerical, verbal and/or logical thinking abilities. The best way to prepare for these types of tests is to:

  • Use GCSE level revision guides to familiarise yourself with essential skills (this is very useful for preparation for numerical tests)
  • Take practice SHL tests or SHL style tests, to help familiarise yourself with these types of tests and types of questions

Practice SHL Tests

Candidates can take practice SHL test questions on SHL's practice test website in preparation for their interviews or on a separate SHL site designed specifically for graduates.

Further SHL Test Practice

WikiJob recommends taking as many practice tests as possible in the run up to your employer aptitude tests. The more tests you take, the better you will become at answering these difficult questions.

Candidates can take free SHL style numerical and verbal reasoning tests on WikiJob by clicking these links: aptitude tests, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and logical reasoning.

Further Information

For further information on SHL visit the WikiJob [forum]( WikiJob forums).