Onetest is an Australian based company that administers a popular series of tests used by the likes of: the Australian Government, APRA, Toga Hospitality, Medina hotels, Thiess, ARUP, Energy Australia, Pegasus Employment, Equisuper, BDO, BT Financial Group, Deloitte, BMW, Peabody Energy and Pepsico.

Onetest is different in that instead of dividing its test by subject (so language ability, mathematical ability, and so on), it combines them into one test. Expect similar types of questions as you'll find on other psychometric tests, many revolving around logical and abstract reasoning. The cognitive test in total has 50 questions and lasts 20 minutes.

Onetest divides traits into core and supplementary areas; core traits include: ability and reasoning, interest and work preferences, values and culture, and behaviour and personality, while supplementary areas are: work safety, integrity, emotional intelligence, and skills. The idea is that the ideal candidate will have the same traits regardless of the position or role he is applying for in a company.

Beyond the cognitive test, Onetest also offers:

  • Work Safety Assessment: to identify and distinguish risk-takers and those who are risk-averse.
  • Values Inventory: to find individuals that share the same values as their workplace.
  • Work Reliability Scale: a test of integrity, to see who is honest and productive.
  • Work Preferences Profile: a way to match up employees with their interests.
  • Behavioural Profile: see what kind of role an employee fits in in a team, and how he responds to others.
  • 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire: measure core personality traits.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test: Identifies candidates who communicate well and manage effectively.
  • Skills Test: tests for over 800 skills.

You can take practice versions of tests used by OneTest here - click OneTest.