Job Applications

A "job application" is probably the most important part of the job search and recruitment process. The job applications stage of assessment is where most job applicants will be rejected, most of the time for pretty petty reasons, such as small or careless mistakes on a job application form, CV or covering letter.

Stand Out Job Application

Some employers receive thousands of applications for jobs. You must make sure that your application really stands out when you apply for a job, to be in with any serious chance of getting through to the interview stage of the application and assessment process.

Application Article Gloassary

The following articles give advice on various types of applications, to help candidates when applying for jobs:

Job Applications

CVs & Cover Letters

Types of Job Application

Although most graduate schemes require applicants to fill out application forms for jobs online, many jobs require your CV and/or covering letter and/or other form of job application to be emailed or posted to your prospective employer.