Enterprise Rent-A-Car Interview Questions & Application Process

The application and assessment process at Enterprise Rent-A-Car is as follows:

  • Online application
  • Recruiter Interview
  • Branch Visit/Interview
  • Assessment Day

Assessment day

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car assessment day consists of:

  • Meet and greet
  • Company video
  • Company presentation (interactive)
  • Group exercise
  • Individual exercise
  • Role play
  • Interview

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's assessment centres take place at the regional offices. The day starts around 9:00am.

Meet and greet

The assessment day starts with an introductory talk from some of the firm's management team about the company. Managers will talk about their own careers to date and their background. They will then describe the agenda for the day.
This is followed by each candidate introducing themselves to the assessors and the other candidates in their assessment group.

Company video

Candidates will be shown the firm's recruitment video which discusses the company's values, expectations and possible career paths. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the video.

Company presentation

The final stage of company presentation is a talk from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car recruitment team about the company's history and future goals. You will hear about what a day in the life of an Enterprise Rent-A-Car management trainee involves and discuss opportunities and the prospects of promotion.

Group exercise

Candidates are given an equal role to play in this exercise which is based upon the Enterprise Rent-A-Car foundation. This is a group exercise, designed to look at how candidates can put forward a case, persuade and influence others, work together cooperatively and make a decision. It is designed specifically to assess the following competencies: communication and leadership.

Individual exercise

Half an hour in the life of…………… This exercise gives candidates the opportunity to get a taste of life at Enterprise. The exercise is designed to look at the candidate’s problem solving skills and using their initiative as well as work ethic and flexibility. This exercise will give the candidate an insight into the business.


During lunch the candidate will have the opportunity to ask questions to current management trainees and the management team at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Use this time to ask some relevant questions.


Candidates will have a final 30 minute skills-based interview with a member of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car management team. This will consist of some competency based questions and will focus on actual examples of behaviour, rather than theoretical questions.

The assessment day then ends. Candidates will be notified within two to three days and given feedback.