domestic and general

Domestic & General provides warranty services for UK and International clients and comprehensive product protection for more than nine million customers.

For over sixty years we have been looking after people when things go wrong. Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive product protection for major domestic appliances and consumer electronic products. Together with our manufacturing, retail and financial services clients, we provide warranty services for over 150 major UK and International brands. We manage the whole warranty process, including customer mailing, contact centres, repair networks, in-house administration, and claims handling.

We operate across a number of different international markets, with offices in Australia, Germany, Spain and France.

Domestic & General started out in a most unlikely place - the Western Australian outback. It was there in 1912 that our founder, Samuel Copley (who was originally from Huddersfield), started the Western Australia Insurance Company Limited (Waico), a small insurance company initially specialising in cover for sheep and cattle transportation.

Two years later Sam brought his business expertise back to the UK and set up a branch of his - by now thriving - company. He was also a philanthropist, purchasing the freehold of the town of Huddersfield from the local Ramsden family and holding it free of charge until the town was able to form a corporation and raise the funds to finance the acquisition.

The introduction of breakdown cover on early televisions proved to be our major business breakthrough in 1950. We were the first company to offer protection for the cathode ray tubes in the black and white televisions that were increasingly appearing in UK households. From there Domestic & General grew rapidly as we responded to the changing lifestyles of the day. Cover for kitchen equipment was introduced in 1977 and central heating followed in 1978.

Domestic & General was floated in 1988 and became fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. In November 2007 the company once again became privately owned when it was bought by Advent International Corporation and Domestic & General Group Holdings Limited was formed.

Today, our focus is on providing comprehensive product protection services. We work with over 150 UK and international brands, including many major manufacturers, retailers and financial services clients.

While the UK is our largest market, our international business is now an increasingly important part of our success, with 22% of our sales coming from overseas.

Domestic and General have 5 key departments:


Based in Wimbledon, this department is responsible for the look and feel of all communication to our customers via direct mail, the internet and press. With annual volume of around 78 million direct mail pieces distributed, D&G is one of the biggest producers of mail in the country.

This department offers client relationship management and administrative support to the Sales team. Primary roles include support at client review meetings, day to day client contact and regular liaison with most other departments to ensure the smooth running of accounts.

Our Direct Marketing sector manages the insight and research functions providing customer and market insight across the Group. Also responsible for customer retention and performance of routes to market. We also have a division responsible for our customer database including data cleansing.


You will learn about the running of one of the fastest growing contact centre operations in the country. This will include inbound and outbound functions and involve the projection of call volumes, the use and implementation of call management technology, client liaison, call scripting and the effective management of sales teams.


A key department providing underwriting for all insurance activities. They also support the sales team and other departments with statistical analysis such as the provision of client reports, fees and financial budgets.


You will develop an overview of the way in which incoming applications and data are transferred onto our database as well as the way in which we deal with customer issues including payment processes and the administration of all claims.


Moving into international markets and developing existing overseas operations is a key part of our business objectives. We operate or support clients in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

Our International team, based in the Wimbledon head office, announced an increase in overseas revenue of 130% between 2007-08, as the Group continues to expand in new markets. Our Australian operation launched in 2007 and now administers over 1.2 million plans.

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