Asda Interview Questions & Application Process

The ASDA graduate scheme interview and assessment process is as follows:

Assessment centre

The ASDA assessment centre consists of:

  • Pick a toy
  • Asda Monopoly
  • Group exercise
  • Role plays
  • Presentation
  • Interview

Pick a toy

The first thing you will have to do at your assessment centre will be to pick a toy to describe your personality and then describe why you picked that toy.

ASDA Monopoly

You will then have to play an ASDA version of monopoly, which involves mini-games which test your maths skills, verbal reasoning, and creative thinking; your answers will be analysed in front of you, with some good and some bad feedback given, to see your reaction.

Group Exercise

The group task will test your leadership, logical thinking, and group work.

Role Play

You will be asked to perform a role play with other members of your group, or current employees.


The presentation is your chance to deliver your thoughts on the research provided to you before the assessment centre itself. It is a good idea to prepare slides, and prepare for this by doing online company research.


The ASDA assessment centre interview may be unusual. Candidates may be given a sheet of paper with questions about their motivations and the high and low points in their life.