3M Interview Questions & Application Process

The assessment and interview process at 3M is in four stages:

Online Application

Candidates must complete an online application form on the 3M website. The application form is fairly standard, with a few background and competency based questions.

Online Aptitude Tests

If you are successful at the online application stage, you will be invited to complete two online tests, one numerical reasoning and one verbal reasoning test. These will be SHL tests, similar to the practice tests aptitude tests on WikiJob.

Telephone Interview

At this telephone interview stage of the interview process successful candidates will be interviewed by a member of the 3M HR team. The interview itself takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is fairly straight-forward. Candidates should expect general questions on their CV and application form and general background. There will also be questions about the company itself and why you want to work there and competency based questions about your skills, competencies and capabilities.

Assessment Centre

The 4th and final stage of the assessment process is the assessment centre. This may last for up to 24 hours and coudl be held over two days. The assessment centre consists of:

You may also be asked to prepare and give a presentation. There will also be opportunities to meet current trainees and other graduates from the speciality you have applied for.