The Best Wireless HDMI Video Transmitters for 2021

The Best Wireless HDMI Video Transmitters for 2021

Updated 5 January 2021

Written by Nikki Dale

In our homes and offices, there are times when you need to share a display – whether for a work presentation or to stream a movie in another room.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) offers a lossless way to share uncompressed audio and video from a source, such as a satellite or cable TV receiver, with a TV screen or monitor.

Traditionally, this has meant running cables between them, but now there are several options on the market to make this process truly wireless.

We have put together a list of the best wireless HDMI video transmitters available in the UK to help you decide which one is best for you.

Our Pick
One For All SV1760

One For All SV1760

From the inventor of the Universal Remote, this is the perfect solution to your wireless video needs.

Featuring a stylish black matt finish and lightweight design, the One For All is a great looking and high performing wireless HDMI Video Transmitter. With less than half a second latency and instant pairing, it is easy to use and works with all HDMI outputs.

£199 from Amazon

The One For All is our top pick because it is a great price, has all the necessary capabilities and is fully supported in the UK.

With a 30 metre range, the SV1760 kit works on the 5GHz frequency so it remains interference-free. One of the biggest issues faced by users of wireless HDMI video transmitters is that the range is not big enough – but this isn’t an issue here.

This setup is compatible with all HDMI outputs and, with 128/256-bit AES encryption and instant pairing, you don’t need to worry about unauthorised sharing.

Looks-wise, it is sleek, lightweight and compact, with a simple matt black finish – so it easily fits into any design or colour scheme in your home or office.

One For All has reinvented the remote control, making it simple to control all your devices at once – and the company’s drive for simplicity is reflected in how easy we found the SV1760 to set up – just plug and play.

When set up correctly, it has brilliant sound and video quality. It works best when plugged directly into the mains rather than into an extension cable.

Runner Up
Redlution PAT-590

Redlution PAT-590

Powerful and easy to use, this is an excellent piece of tech at a great price point.

A sleek and minimalist design paired with up to a 150 metre range and no noticeable latency, make this a good choice as a starter kit – and will make it easy for you to see just how much difference wireless HDMI video transmitters can be without breaking the bank.

£124.99 from Amazon

The Redlution PAT-590 operates on the 5GHz frequency for less interference, and with the external dual gain antennae, it offers a range of up to 150 metres with direct line of sight.

It offers a crystal-clear picture and excellent sound, with no noticeable latency issues.

We found it to be simple to set up and easy to control – the infrared extender allows you to use your own remote control, even in another room.

It does require a button press to turn on – so you would have to be at the source to start with, but after that, all normal applications can be controlled remotely.

This is a well-priced entry-level option suitable for most applications. It is small and unobtrusive, which is a plus point for those looking for a minimalist, sleek finish.

Also Awesome
Nyrius Aries Pro

Nyrius Aries Pro

Stream from any device for crystal clear, uncompressed quality.

The compact transmitter design allows the Nyrius Aries Pro to be used in any device, even drones, with no software installation needed.

£249 from Amazon

The razor-sharp picture quality is a big seller for the Aries Pro, and the powerful transmission and zero latency means that you can even send from your PC, Xbox One or PS4 for the ultimate in wireless gaming.

Sending uncompressed 1080p HD, or even 3D images, alongside HD sound means that movie nights are incredible – anywhere in the house.

The small transmitter fits nicely into any HDMI output, so you can stream from drones, HDSLRs and video cameras for remote, real-time monitoring of footage – exploring the local area from above or capturing time-lapse footage has never been easier.

Of course, this technology also works brilliantly in the office, allowing you to mirror or extend the screen on your laptop for the ultimate presentation.

We loved the simplicity of this product but it is shipped with a US plug for the receiver so we needed to source an adapter.

It was easy to pair, works well for audio and video with no noticeable syncing issues, and the transmitter being powered by USB means no need for extra wiring.

What Is a Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter?

In the most basic terms, a Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter allows you to take video (and audio) from a source, transmit it without wires and play it on another display.

When you buy a system, you will receive a transmitter that you plug into a source – whether that is a cable or satellite, a games system, a Blu-ray player, or even Netflix or another streaming service.

The transmitter usually has antennae that you can angle to improve the signal on the receiving monitor, TV or projector.

The receiver will plug into the TV and display the HD picture and sound that is being sent.

Why You Will Want One

Wireless HDMI Video Transmitters can be used in meetings or in classrooms to share screens and give instructions, teach, or go through a PowerPoint presentation.

In the home, you might want to watch the big game in your basement or transfer a movie to a projector screen for that big-screen cinema experience.

It may, of course, be just that you have your living room TV on the wall and don’t want to have trailing wires – wireless living is becoming more and more popular as we become more connected to the ‘Internet of things’.

Important Features to Look For

When you are comparing Wireless HDMI Video Transmitters, there are a few things that you need to consider:


Some wireless HDMI transmitters claim great range capabilities, even as much as 200 metres. The distance sometimes can depend on line of sight, while others can perform well through walls and ceilings.


Most wireless devices in the home operate on the 2.4GHz frequency. From the Wi-Fi to the baby monitor, this channel can get crowded and suffer from interference.

Some transmitters operate on the 5GHz frequency to circumvent this.


If you are watching something live, you don’t want to risk being behind – especially when it comes to the big game.

If you are wirelessly transmitting a video game, latency can cause issues with accuracy and aiming too.

HD Compatibility

The best transmitters can send High Definition quality images without compression so you don’t lose quality while streaming. Some are 3D capable too – giving you the home cinema feel without the wires.


Surround sound can really enhance your viewing experience – the best transmitters can send Dolby and DTS as well as beautiful High Definition images.


Because of the power needed to transmit HD signals, both senders and receivers are likely to need independent mains power for best performance.

Other Things to Think About When Buying

One of the most important things to make sure of when buying a wireless HDMI video transmitter is that there is no loss of quality in picture and sound.

When you are looking for your perfect setup, be aware that the maximum distances quoted by the manufacturers often describe the range achieved with line of sight, that is with no barriers or interference.

In today’s modern homes, this is not often achievable – and if you want to transmit a high definition picture through walls, floors and ceilings, you need to choose a setup that can cope.

The best wireless HDMI video transmitters can send 1080p and 3D pictures, and some are even compatible with 4k, although the performance can sometimes be limited.

The technology used in the transmitters, especially, can get hot, so it is a good idea to look for designs that dissipate heat to ensure that they last well.

Removable antennae are another good call for longevity – it is easier to replace a damaged or disabled antenna than replace the whole kit.

Other Wireless HDMI Video Transmitters We Looked At

Ex-Pro AV-Pro HDW200

Ex-Pro AV-Pro HDW200

Easy to use – simplicity is key

£319.97 from Amazon

The Ex-Pro AV-Pro HDW200 has 2K/4K capabilities and claims to have a range of up to 200 metres with a clear line of sight. This long range means that it can offer full, uncompressed HD quality video through walls, floors and ceilings with zero interference.

We like this setup because you can add additional receivers – you can share the input with more than one monitor or TV, depending on what you need.

It also has an infrared extender built-in – so you can control the source from the TV you are watching using your remote control.

This transmitter is another easy to install option – just plug and play.

We found this transmitter easy to use and love that it offers a 1080p quality picture and great audio, with no noticeable sync issues.

Nyrius Aries Home+

Nyrius Aries Home+

High Definition video, 3D compatible and zero latency

£249.99 from Amazon

The Aries Home+ is a bit more expensive to get in the UK but it has some great capabilities not found in other wireless HDMI video transmitters.

With High Definition video, 3D compatible and zero latency, the Aries Home+ can send uncompressed video and surround sound through walls, floors and ceilings.

One of the main reasons this is a great option is that you can view two sources at once – a wired HDMI connection to one TV allows you to view one source (like a gaming system), while the wireless HDMI can send from another source (like your set-top box) into another room.

We loved the easy set up and the clear picture and sound, but the cost might be prohibitive.

Marmitek HDTV Anywhere

Marmitek HDTV Anywhere

Full coverage throughout the house, through walls, ceilings and floors

£214.98 from Amazon

We really like the Marmitek HDTV Anywhere because it is so easy to use.

All the usual functions on the source device can be controlled using your normal remote, making it easy to access menu functions and play/pause a movie.

The unique Smart Link technology means full coverage throughout the house, through walls, ceilings and floors, so you can stream to any TV or projector.

This isn’t truly a wireless system as it connects through the mains system in the house – so it wouldn’t be suitable for outdoor use. The mains technology means that you don’t need line of sight for the best picture.

With the built-in HDMI splitter, you can stream from two different sources at the same time – perfect for those evenings when you can’t agree on what to watch.

We found it to be quick and simple to pair, and the remote-control extender works well even from the front to the back of the house.

J-Tech HDbitT Series

J-Tech HDbitT Series

A range of up to 61 metres with no line of sight

£203.56 from Amazon

The J-Tech setup claims a range of up to 61 metres and doesn’t need line of sight thanks to the dual antennae. This can send to up to two receivers (extra receivers sold separately).

We found that it worked well between floors and that it didn’t struggle with interference.

It also offers an infrared extender so you can control the source with a remote control.

The uncompressed HDMI signal can handle Ultra 4K/30Hz so is perfect for use with a Sky Q box, although with the latency of 0.1 to 0.3 seconds, it wouldn’t be a great idea to use it for gaming.

It doesn’t get too hot thanks to the vents and metal casing.

Measy W2H

Measy W2H

Many versions that support different levels of HD streaming

£299 from Amazon

The Measy W2H comes in many versions, a mini, a nano and variations that claim to support different levels of HD streaming. The W2H is the top specification model of the Measy offerings.

This version operates on the 60GHz frequency, supports lossless transmission of 4K video with less than 0.5 ms latency.

With a 30 metre line of sight range and sleek looks, this is a smart piece of kit that has had some favourable reviews.

The Measy website is a bit tough to navigate, with a lack of essential information, so make sure you check out the Amazon listing for all the specs.

At a Glance Comparison

NameRangeLatencyPriceIR ExtenderHD CompatibilityHD AudioPlug and Play?
One For All SV1760Up to 30 metres<0.5 seconds£199YesUncompressed Full HDYesYes
Redlution PAT-590Up to 150 metres0.2 seconds£124.99YesFull HD/3DYesYes
Nyrius Aries ProUp to 30 metresNo latency£249.99NoUncompressed Full HD/3DYesYes
Ex-Pro AV-ProUp to 200 metresNo latency£319.97YesFull HDYesYes
Nyrius Aries Home+Up to 30 metresNo latency£327YesUncompressed Full HD/3DYesYes
Marmitek HDTV Anywhere(Smart link)Not given£214.98YesHDNot givenYes
J-Tech HDbitT SeriesUp to 61 metres0.1 to 0.3 seconds£262.80YesUltra 4KNot Dolby DigitalNot given
Measy W2HUp to 30 metresNo latency£299Not givenVisually lossless 4KYesYes

Final Thoughts

A great wireless HDMI video transmitter can give you freedom from cables and allow you to share HD-quality video and sound all around your house.

But finding the right balance between range, frequency and picture quality can be difficult.

Many products claim the ability to send uncompressed full HD video and audio across a wide distance with no latency, but the proof can be found in the reviews of these products available online.