Hello, we’re WikiJob. We’re here to make it easier for people to get the job they want.

Our founders (Chris and Ed) started WikiJob in 2007 after brief stints on graduate schemes. Disillusioned by the experience, they made a community where people could share their knowledge of employers, interviews and application processes. And so the WikiJob forum was born. It remains at the core of what we do, and has helped thousands of folks be better informed and shape their careers.

These days, we also provide practice aptitude tests, based on the same ones used by employers. And we’re recognised as one of the go-to websites for students to get inside information on interviews, job applications and psychometric tests.

It’s been a fun journey so far, but we’re only getting started. Watch this space!

Work with us

If you’re someone who likes to work autonomously, drive improvement and you’re comfortable in a start-up environment, we’d be keen to hear from you. When we have vacancies, they will be listed below.

Some of the benefits of working for WikiJob:

  • Membership of TechHub: includes speaker events, drinks, breakfast networking, corporate discounts and the chance to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs
  • Flexible working hours
  • Friendly colleagues
  • Loads of great lunch options nearby

Meet the Team

We’re a small team based at Tech Hub in Moorgate, East London, close to the UK’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’.

Emma Plummer

Emma Plummer Writer

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis Writer

Melissa Reynolds

Melissa Reynolds Writer

Vicky Miller

Vicky Miller Writer

Beth Mahoney

Beth Mahoney Writer

Lauren Jobling

Lauren Jobling Writer

Georgia King

Georgia King Editor

Jen Morris

Jen Morris Writer

Stephanie Salgado

Stephanie Salgado Writer

Hayley Ashworth

Hayley Ashworth Writer

Fi Phillips

Fi Phillips Writer

Ed Mellett

Ed Mellett Founder

Chris Muktar

Chris Muktar Founder

Nikki Dale

Nikki Dale Writer

Katie Wild

Katie Wild Writer

Amy Dawson

Amy Dawson Writer

Alice Watts

Alice Watts Writer

Melissa Turner

Melissa Turner Writer

Alice Wright

Alice Wright Writer

Ellie Westgarth-Flynn

Ellie Westgarth-Flynn Writer


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