HELP! HSBC Face 2 Face interview next week! need some tips plz

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6 July 2008 - 12:58pm

Hi all I've applied as a customer services advisor for hsbc, i have completed the online assessments and passed the telephone interview, im at the last stage the face to face interview, and pretty nervous as it's my first time working in a financial field. If anyone could let me know or give me any tips on how to prepare and what i might be asked. Or what types of questions will be asked, and what type of responses they are likely to favour, i would really appreciate it thanks.


7 July 2008 - 7:32pm

hey Edwin i have no answer for your question but hope you have one for mine, I have applied for the european management trainee program and i have passed so far the online recruiting tests, and now im waiting for the phone interview. how was your interview?? any tips? i'm also very nervous cause this will be my first (hopefully) job in a managerial/banking position

oops...sorry i forgot good luck with the face to face interview

8 July 2008 - 12:19am

Hi, on the phone interview they asked me why i want to work for HSBC, previous employment, they asked me about my self and how i would fit into the role, questions about customer services, and team work and give examples, are you good at meeting sales targets, where would i see my self in 5/10 yrs time,

make sure you do some basic research about the company profile and what products they offer, i hope this helps and keep calm during the telephone interview.

I would stand up instead of sitting down during the telephone interview, make sure you don't stutter or pause for to long, be clear and friendly, as this helped me relax. I hope this helps and good luck with your interview, just prepare well, im still nervous in-regards to the face to face interview anyone out there that can help?? i would really appreciate it

10 July 2008 - 9:55am Premium member

Clarabelle - Have a look at the article on telephone interviews too. Vision1's advice is good - bear in mind that telephone interviews are mainly used to weed out bad candidates, than as a means of assessing strong ones. Above all else, interviewers need to know that you can answer basic questions, talk clearly and confidently, and don't use slang.

Vision - Have you seen the WikiJob HSBC profile? It's not directly linked to from the front page. This could be quite useful - scroll down to the lower section of the profile for info on the interview.

Good luck to you both!

10 July 2008 - 10:21am

ok done with the interview, kinda weird i'd say...very structured questions about when/how/why ... in the past i had to take a leading role, i had to be a role model, working in groups, what was the outcome, having to deal with client/customer and how i behaved towards his/hers demands. he wasn';t exactly leading me, but i was talking and he was taking into greater deapth my answers by either stating choices i've taken or how i handled the client. he gave great importance for my decision making process, who i turned to, how did i reach the final choice, what was important to me blah blah blah. i was prepared to asnwer questions like: why do you want to work for hsbc, what's your strongest ability and so on, but nothing like that... the guy though was very polite and outgoing and he had a much better accent than the one i was expecting! good luck to edwin and hope my comment helps the rest of you

27 July 2008 - 7:07pm

hey ppl. i was wondering if anyone of you know how long it takes to get an answer after the telephone interview, it's been 2 weeks now and i have no reply yet and i am getting nervous. Edwin, what happened with the face 2face interview?

27 July 2008 - 9:46pm Premium member

Does HSBC run its own telephone interviews or is it a third party firm?

..most of the time candidates are informed within 24 hours if they've been successful (or unsuccessful) after a telephone interview. There's no reason for your assessors to take longer as telephone interviews are only used to screen poor candidates and not to actually recruit.

If I was you I'd call them tomorrow and check what's going on. It sounds to me that either someone has lost/mis-placed your application or HSBC are delaying applications whilst they work out what path to take regarding their graduate recruitment campaign in light of the current recession/credit crunch.

Call tomorrow - let us know what happens!

25 August 2008 - 10:07am

okay, after so much time waiting and basically thinking i've been rejected, hsbc called me only today to tell me they booked me for a face 2 face interview next week...let me remind you, today it's Aug. 25, interview scheduled for Sept. 02, the program said that spet 1st would be the 1st day of employment...i don't even know what they're thinking. I'm going of course but i'd feel more comfortable if they had informed me earlier. So wish me luck ;) any tips?

25 August 2008 - 10:34am

Hey clara..I've actually applied to the Hong Kong management trainee program too and tomorrow is my aptitude test. I've already did the first part and I got a call back to do the longer version of it. Please do keep me updated on how did your interview process went because I'm nervous as heck about it. lol. Thanks for describing how the phone interview went cause now I have an idea of how it'll go.

25 August 2008 - 11:46am Premium member

Clara - was your origianl telephone interview back in early July? Have HSBC kept you waiting 6 weeks for feedback on that interview?!

Well done for getting to the next stage - If your intervview is on Sept 2 and the scheme start date is Sept 1 ..are you sure you are still interviewing for the 2008 intake? I'd be sure to confirm what's going on when you next speak to them.

Good luck!

25 August 2008 - 4:25pm

yes, i know what you mean, i was waiting for THAT long...i had contacted them some time ago wondering why it was taking so long and they sent me an e-mail saying i would be informed once the manager responsible here in Greece would have the chance to review all applicants and that they were far too many (possibly it's the Greeks manager's fault - i could easily buy that knowing the greek pace and given the fact that basically everybody in july-august disappears in some beach near by... not very flattering for us)

well i hope that i'll be interviewed for the program i applied for :S all i need is to wait til tuesday! do you know if they tell you right away if you're rejected or hired??

25 August 2008 - 4:50pm Premium member

..they should tell you within 48 hours... but considering it took them a month and a half to tell you your telephone interview was successful, I wouldn't count on it!

So you are applying for HSBC in Greece?

3 September 2008 - 8:47am

sorry red for the delay, yes i'm going for the greek program. and so i'm done with the interview! i think it went well. i was interviewed by a panel and they had specific questions, reading them from a set of papers. the questions were like these: - what are you most proud of so far in your career (academic or professional) - what makes you confident/not confident - why you want this career change? (my studies are irrelevant to banking, finance etc i only have an MSC in Management Engineering) - have you ever upset anyone - what were the strong qualities of your previous boss? what do you think he/she change in his attitude? - which are the top 5 things you look for in a work environment? - under what conditions you would most keen to work? and so on and on, lasted for about an hour...

after a left the building i got a call from them and they asked if i would like to have another interview by just one person (weird) and they were quite flexible about the when (for the interview i had they just gave me my slot with no way of changing it). so what do you make of it? yet another interview??? i feel like i met half of the greek managerial staff!

30 March 2010 - 9:53pm

hi. i had a interview for the cashier role. they said it would last for 1 hour. they start by giving you information on the role and branch. then ask the following questions:

what motivates you what demotivates you? why cashier? example of using iniative - i stuffed this question up example of listening to specific instructions example of difficult situation

all the best

30 March 2010 - 9:53pm

hi. i had a interview for the cashier role. they said it would last for 1 hour. they start by giving you information on the role and branch. then ask the following questions:

what motivates you what demotivates you? why cashier? example of using iniative - i stuffed this question up example of listening to specific instructions example of difficult situation

all the best

30 March 2010 - 9:53pm

hi. i had a interview for the cashier role. they said it would last for 1 hour. they start by giving you information on the role and branch. then ask the following questions:

what motivates you what demotivates you? why cashier? example of using iniative - i stuffed this question up example of listening to specific instructions example of difficult situation

all the best

5 April 2010 - 6:50pm


I've been to HSBC a couple of times for interviews at Canary Wharf. First one I got but turned down for better offer. They seem to be really keen on asking competency based questions and what if questions?

I don't know if they are given training because the questions were similar. What would you do in this situation?....... what if this happened?......what advice would you give? etc.

I gened up on HSBC before hand and read this ebook which was free and doing the rounds. Hope this helps. One piece of advice is have a sense of humour and smile, even if they don't smile back!

14 April 2010 - 10:24pm

is that sample job interview link safe? it looks a bit dodgy

29 April 2010 - 1:20pm

hi had a face to face interview with hsbc for a cashier role on monday. they asked me if i had any holidays booked. Do you think its a good sign? said they would contact me soon but they havent yet. keep checking my profile but it still says the same

10 May 2010 - 12:40pm

Hi there all,

I recently passed the phone interview for the HSBC cashier role. I have now been invited to the AC but wanted to know what to expect.

Would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me.

Thank you.

10 May 2010 - 2:42pm

Hi All,

I recently cleared tele interview for customer Services Role and got a confirmatory mail saying that i will be contacted soon but it has been 2 weeks since that.

Is it normal or should I be really worried???

Please provide some inputs...

10 May 2010 - 10:28pm

my initial application was made in feb. since then ive done a maths test, phone interview, face to face interview, and i start at the end of the month. the process takes ages but its worth it. as a cashier you would get £17,000 inc london area pay.

10 May 2010 - 11:22pm


Congratulations for your success,would be really glad if you could throw some light on the face to face interview and what sort of structure did it carry?

Too many questions but were you in touch with HSBC recruitment during this lengthy process?

Any nos.,would be great help...


13 May 2010 - 3:51pm


the interview was relaxed. A manager and note taker were there. Questions were;

example of using iniative. Why hsbc. Example of customer good service delivered. Example of difficult situation managed well. Example of meeting tight deadline.

The usual crap questions really...

Lasted around 40 mins. Branch manager is in touch via email.

Any questions?

13 May 2010 - 4:21pm

Hi craig123123

thanks for your feedback!

The branch vacancy wherein I applied has been filled and they have sent my CV to a talent pool.

I don't know whom to contact now?

I was on their online portal and saw new vacancies and was wondering If I could really apply for one of those of similar profiles?Do i have to go through the whole process again ??

Btw apart from the face to face were there any exercises like role plays etc in your final round??

Too many questions but any help is greatly appreciated!!

13 May 2010 - 8:29pm


the talent pool is like a database of good applications so when a vacancy arises, they look in the pool before selecting fresh applicants.

The thing is if you apply for another vacancy, you may have to do the whole process again, whereas the talent pool simply selects you. im not the best person to ask really, but I always email , and they reply.

for the cashier positiob, its just a simple interview. for graduate poisitions, you have to attend AC and do exercises. Where did u apply and is it for a cashier position?

The whole recruitment process takes ages. Its unbelieveable. the background checks takes ages. my first application was made in end of march, and im still 80% of the way there!

13 May 2010 - 11:10pm

I have written in in to and probably they will get back to me(don't know when?).

I applied for customer services officer role, probably the final round might be a little different from cashier's but will have to let them come back to me as regards my applicability for other locations.

amazed to know that your process is still not complete!! are you still in your present assignment or else??:)

13 May 2010 - 11:22pm

Yes im currently working. My employer will need 2 weeks notice so ill have to manage something.

Hope it works out for you mate. Do keep us posted

13 May 2010 - 11:23pm

Yes im currently working. My employer will need 2 weeks notice so ill have to manage something.

Hope it works out for you mate. Do keep us posted What location are u after?

14 May 2010 - 9:53am

I have recently accepted a position for Customer Service Officer down south. The beginning process was a whirlwind and happened so fast. I got a phone interview 5 days after my skills testing online. Then 4 days after that, I received an email for a face 2 face interview for a week later. I was contacted early the next day and gave me an offer. Now...the wait begins. The background checks are the longest period in my journey to work for HSBC. Four weeks as long as all my references reply. I applied at the end of March, accepted in mid April. I'm tentative June 1st. I am very excited and eager to get to work!

If you have knowledge of how to handle customers, goal orientated, and are very sales savvy, you should not have a problem with your interview.

Good luck all!!!

16 May 2010 - 10:10pm

Any updates ppl?

18 May 2010 - 9:26am

Hi there ppl,

Great to see this forum exists and all the feedback ppl have put on here. I have recently applied for a cashier position and have passed all the assessments bar the face to face interview. I havent been contacted as of yet as to when it is, however it has been updated on my status online. I wanted to start preparing some questions and answers. Please if you could post some more questions that they are likely to ask, what sorts of competencies they are looking for and anything in particular i need to do prior to my interview.

Congrats to all of you who have been successful, and good luck to those who are either in assessments before me, or at the same stage!

I look forward to your replies.


21 May 2010 - 12:54am

Hey all


I am also waiting for that phone call for face to face round,seems to take ages.


I applied for another location and online status has come around to face to face interview automatically from testing phase,even though I had to write a couple of mails but has been a week since I received call for final round(hope this also doesn't turn out the last one!!).Can't do much except waiting.

any inputs as to prep. for interview would be really appreciated!!


21 May 2010 - 10:34pm

skip, all i would say in revise the compenacy questions. stuff like tough problems, using iniative. and just be yourself. my interview was quite relaxed so it was ok.

also do ask it seems your interested

gd luck!

24 May 2010 - 9:27pm

hey terno2,

congrats on the job.... i have a face to face interview in the next few days with hsbc as a customer service advisor... i was just wondering what sort of competency questions did they ask you... any help will be much appreciated. Also did you have a role play as the role ive applied for is an inbound call centre position

hope to hear from you sooon :)

25 May 2010 - 7:51pm

Hi sue01,

My position isn't for the call centre, it was for retail (branch) banking. However, they did ask me basic interview questions such as why HSBC, asked about my previous roles. Questions such as "Can you tell me about when you had to reach targets, and how was the outcome?", "Can you tell me about when you had not reached a target, and how did you overcome it?" , "Can you tell me about when you had to handle a distraught customer? How you handled it? What was the outcome?", "Can you tell me a time when you went beyond the call of duty?"...

They are basic interview questions. I didn't have to role play. But, I think from reading other threads about the inbound call centre, they actually have tests at the centre you applied for. Don't hold me to it as I'm not 100% sure. If you do have to role play, be yourself and put yourself on the other side and think of how you want to be treated when you call into your bank. I think they will just want to see that you won't flip out or get over stressed when dealing with 'adversity.'

Just go in there confident (but not cocky), clear headed, and if you feel you don't know how to answer the question, just ask for them to repeat it and that will buy you time (but obviously don't do it with every question). As stated above, you need to ask questions back as it shows you are interested, and makes them remember you as well. I find a sense of humor is very useful as well (since you are going for a call centre role).

Hope you do well, and hope this helped a bit.

(oh don't want to sound like I know it all as I don't, pointers always help though! :o) )

25 May 2010 - 9:08pm

hey terno,

aw thats great help honestly... thanks for replying... okay cool will take your advice on board!

wish me luck :)

26 May 2010 - 4:20pm


30 May 2010 - 9:41pm

i've got a face to face interview with HSBC for the Operations Administrator job role. Has anyone else had an interview yet and if so can you please tell me what its like and what sort of thigns they'll ask as this is going to be my first interview. Also, the guy told me it would last half an hour to an hour, is that right? Thank youuuuuuu!!!!

30 May 2010 - 9:51pm

hey n.beg

yep i had the face to face interview for the same position... asked me q's on giving example of following procedures, initiative, working in a team, dealt with a difficult team member, example of dealing with change at work, example of solving a query, example of exceeding customer expectations and then towards the end i was asked why i should be hired.

Thats all the q's i can think of that i was asked i werent asked more than that and dont worry you will be fine... didnt last longer than half an hour... oh and i wasnt asked to do a role play either..

good luck with it :)

31 May 2010 - 6:40pm

Hellooo Sue01

Omg thanks so much....i was thinking that it would be something like that and I weren't too sure on role play. What you've said has helped me loads...thank youuuu!! :D

31 May 2010 - 11:02pm

hey n.beg

no probs glad i could help.. also sorry they didnt ask about example of team member but instead asked to give an example of dealing with a difficult customer... also to give an example of when i was late for a meeting or an appointment...

thats all the q's... was around ten q's they asked

btw whereabouts is the position you applied for

best of luck let me know how it goes... just prepare some examples and you will be fine...i havent heard back from them, they should get back to me in the next few days if im succesful... fingers crossed eh :)

1 June 2010 - 10:20am

okay yeah thanks, I've applied for the one in Birmingham...what bout you?

1 June 2010 - 12:06pm

Can you please advise me further on the telephone interview for the cashiers role.To be honest I have not had any customer service experience but do have admin experience.can you please let me know how to handle the telephone interview questions

1 June 2010 - 4:21pm

Well for the cashiers role Im sure that they'll ask for examples on how you've dealt under pressure, with money, with other people and difficult customers.

4 June 2010 - 9:22pm

Hi everyone,

I recently had a phone interview (2 weeks ago in fact) I was advised I would be told the outcome within 2-3 days, however like some guys I didnt hear anything. I called them up yesterday and I was told I passed the telephone interview however my application faulted somewhere or another, she couldnt find out why or where so she put me through to the next stage and apologised. I got a call today inviting me to a face to face interview in less than 2 weeks time. The telephony interview consisted of three of the four competancies: Treating customers fairly, delivering results and showing initiative (they were the ones I was asked). Went pretty well, just be yourself and you should be fine. If in doubt about any of the process I'd just give them a call.

n.beg i also applied for the one in Birmingham, was yours the one on Edmund street?

21 June 2010 - 3:45pm

hi all,

done with hsbc face to face interview...interview was fine waiting for the result....

First took my details like ID proof etc.....then directly took me for role play......its just about customer service...a customer wants to close his bank account and you have to negotiate it with new offer and stop them leaving the bank......they gave me few sheets of paper where all the details of customers and details of you need to make a converation....pretty straight forward.....

then face to face interview:

another interviewer came and asked me 5 questions 1. tell me about a time you took initiative 2. tell me a time you meet deadline? how? when? 3. a time when you satisfied angry customer 4. a time you help customer with your skills taking extra miles? 5. Why hsbc?

then they give the site tour....

interview was supposed to run for 3 hours but it lasts only 1 and half hour as they were very busy.....

so all the best people.......and wish me luck

21 June 2010 - 4:35pm

My online status says passed telephone interview but I have been put in a talent pool. what does that mean and what am i supposed to do?

28 June 2010 - 5:24pm

how long did it take for you guys to hear if you were successful at face to face?

Had the interview last wednesday, since then the jobs been pulled from the site but my status still says "Face to Face Interview"

Any ideas?

3 July 2010 - 4:36pm

I applied for customer service officer role in HSBC and got through all the stages of interview.. They called back saying the branch I have applied for have been filled by a stronger candidate and they have put me in talent pool....

Did any one here face the same issue and how long does it take to get a response ... ??

5 July 2010 - 10:47am

I applied for the cashier position, got through the tel interview and my status now says talent pool..I guess the position I applied for has been filled by someone else!

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