IBM - IPAT Test - Could someone Help !

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14 June 2011 - 11:00pm

Hi there, I have received an invitation for the IBM's IPAT test. Has anyone given this test before? What are the topics I need to brush up on to excel in this test.

Any related info would be really appreciated.

All the best !

Cheers Saz

20 July 2011 - 2:44pm


I'm preparing the IPAT test. I've found the link below. Maybe it'd be useful.

How was your test??

20 July 2011 - 6:03pm

Hi Johis, Thanks for the reply, But I have completed my test anyways. Btw I couldnt get thro, All the best for yours.

Cheers Saz

20 July 2011 - 6:16pm

Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.

No worries, something else will come up. I'll do mime today.. Fingers crossed!

I was wondering if you had an screening call from them in between the application and the test? Apparently some people have had it. Did you?

21 July 2011 - 1:33pm

All the Best for your test ! Nope, I didnt have any calls like that. I just got a Invitation for the test after my application.

Cheers Saz

30 December 2011 - 6:06am

Hello everyone, could you please tell the format of IPAT TEST ? Thanks

4 January 2012 - 10:20pm

hi evryone... i hav given d xam on 31st dec.. wen will i get the result..nd how? nd if got cleared ,, wt z the further procedure..? thankss

5 January 2012 - 12:25pm

Hi Shruti,

I am going to sit the online IPAT in the next couple days and wondered if you shed some light on what the test format it like? I heard it is split into 2 sections:

Section 1: 20 questions (number series/patterns) Section 2: Maths calculations etc.

Is this right? Would you be able to elaborate on this a bit?

Thanks a lot for the help :)

5 January 2012 - 2:34pm

Hi Dims..

yep.... u hav d rgt infrmtion regarding I-PAT.. its splittd into 2 sections as u already know.. 20 questns on series..btw.. some f them are so easy dat u cn answer thm in secnds.. nd some r sooo difficult.:) :) coming to the 2nd module,, all questns hav got lot of dun wry.. nd alll d vrrrry bestttttt...:) :)

5 January 2012 - 3:18pm

Thank u very much for the advice and help shruti!

Will try do some practice questions now and then take the test...

Fingers crossed :)


5 January 2012 - 4:09pm

on d last dy of test ,i gav d test but my internet connection ws disconnected.. so my system got locked...called d phone no but no result ws thr...:(

6 January 2012 - 5:31am

hi.. nybody got the results??? pls tell me wen can i expect the results or call from them....ND call p hi intrvw hoga??

7 January 2012 - 3:44pm

hello friends, I have received mail from IBM on 30th dec 2011 to attend IPAT. Then I was completed on 31st itself. Questions were easy comparing with other companies written test. I did well.Waiting for result.Has anyone know abt when this result ll come??? What ll b the nect process?

10 January 2012 - 6:13pm

Hi Shruti and Divya,

I took the test on the 6th Jan and got an email yesterday telling me that I passed and will be contacted shortly to schedule an assessment day. Where are you guys applying? I am applying in London and they said that the assessment days are fully booked until March, so to expect the assessment day to be then...

Hope you guys got positive news too! (fingers crossed for you both!)

20 January 2012 - 8:24am

hi, anyone received ipat test result written on dec last week 2011.....

23 January 2012 - 11:04pm

Hi Dimsum111,

Firstly, well done with your application.

I am planning on taking my test tomorrow. Please can you tell me how much preparation you did for the test? Should I use SHL and use their Maths, English and Logical tests to help prepare?

I have put in a quality application but I just want to get through this test and get an assessment centre.

Thank you very much in advance. Christian

24 January 2012 - 4:47pm

Hi Dimsum111,

Firstly, well done with your application.

I am planning on taking my test tomorrow. Please can you tell me how much preparation you did for the test? Should I use SHL and use their Maths, English and Logical tests to help prepare?

I have put in a quality application but I just want to get through this test and get an assessment centre.

Thank you very much in advance. Christian

26 January 2012 - 8:58pm

Hi Guys, I got email today inviting me to complete the test. Please help, how shall I prepare myself?? any clues?? if you had the tests any suggestions??

thanks all


1 February 2012 - 4:03pm

@Kinga: have a calculator for the mathematical section that will help for some questions since each question have only 2.15 min only to attend. be cool and dont be tensed .. then it will be easy.

15 February 2012 - 9:00pm

As others said, the IPATO test seems to have changed in 2011.

Even though the instructions in the email invitation still mention the test having three sections, there are only two in the actual test: one on number series and another on mathematical reasoning. There were no data matrices. I was not able to select the section I wanted to start with, and neither could I pause the test mid-way through. When you start the test, make sure you have a whole hour available (and enough battery charge etc.)

I have to tell you that the test is NOT easy. They are right in telling you that no amount of preparation can quite prepare you for what to expect. Suffice to say that the SHL practice tests are peanuts in comparison, and the few sample questions provided at the start of the IPATO test are deceptively easy. Your brain and logical reasoning must go into overdrive while solving questions otherwise disguised as mathematical problems. After all, they're looking for your logical reasoning, so you don't need to be particularly good with math.

On the plus side, the pass mark MUST be lower than 50%, so don't be completely disheartened, even if you feel you did horribly. (I feel this is a general feeling after completing actual -- as opposed to practice -- mathematical reasoning tests; the IPATO more than others.)

I received the result (good news :) a few days ago, three days after completing the test.

I'll keep you posted how the rest of my journey with Big Blue goes!

23 February 2012 - 1:02am

Just took the exam today.

I totally Agree with buzzlightyear100, The IPAT test had 2 sections instead of 3, and the questions given were much more difficult than the ones I did in the practice tests.

Though I am curious to find out why they would assess my math skills when I applied for a design position. Maybe they were curious to see if I also had basic math and programming skills on top of my design and art skills.

Guess I'll hear from them in a few days *crosses fingers*

7 March 2012 - 4:57pm

need help guys, i tried to take my IPAT test today, but when i entered into the assessment page it got stuck at system evaluation page..there is no button to click to start the test... keep on trying countless time but i still stuck at the system evaluation page.. So what should i do..any idea??

21 March 2012 - 11:20am

The IPAT Is definitely the toughest online assessment I have done. Part one is number progressions.


2, 4, 6, 8, ...


1, 8, 2, 6, 3,

I dont think you can do much prep but if you can do those sorts of puzzles then you should be ok.

The second part was a standard math reasoning test but much more difficult that normal. lots of simultaneous equations and ratio stuff. I found myself finding the right technique but to having enough time to go through all the steps required.

There was also some kind of server error during my test and I had to log back in and start it again.

Again very tough, not too confident about the result but gotta hope for the best!

UPDATE: I was just emailed saying I met or exceeded the minimum score required.

20 July 2012 - 6:12pm

Hi there guys, i have just graduated this june, and i am looking to apply for the IBM graduate a scheme. i am looking for help on what put in the competencies questions.

they will application deadline is on the 31st so any advice and guidance is much appreciated .


20 July 2012 - 6:13pm

my email address is

Thanks again

18 October 2012 - 4:18pm

I took the test a few days ago and have been told I passed!

The tests are not that easy unfortunately. The series questions can be impossible to spot if you get stuck on one method. Don't just see the difference between two adjacent numbers, or even interlaced series, the problems are much more varied than that.

The numerical reasoning questions shouldn't be too taxing if you go about them methodically. If I could take the test again I'd write pretty much every problem as a simultaneous equation. It may sound time consuming, but with 2 min 15 secs a question, that is much better than agonising over method.

Good luck!

3 December 2012 - 1:04am

Hi Guys!
I have a great employment opportunity, and I do not want to lose it ... I have to carry my family, and this is a great opportunity to help them.
Can someone send me the IBM test response? (NPAT)

Your help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

21 December 2012 - 5:55pm

Hello guys, I just took the test, and to be honest I do not really know what to expect. I mean the test is weird because it switches randomly from very difficult to easy questions. Actually for the majority of questions it is the short time allowed that's killing. While doing the calculations you must always have an eye on the clock. I think the test would be much better if they did not fragment the time allowed for each question but instead just gave a total time for a whole section.



14 January 2013 - 11:57pm

Yeh. Its a pretty difficult test. I actually found the number series sections the most difficult. I did get through to the next stage but turned down the recruitment meetup as I got an offer from another tech company. Suggest downloading a Number Series game app for Android. Was quite helpful in preparing and pretty useful for working out the brain when on the train and had the time to test myself.

11 February 2013 - 11:32pm

Hello there , Could somebody tell me something , I was looking at the test and then without looking at the practise questions I went straight forward in the test and now I am just wondering , is the asterisk shown in the test the place of the required number we want , or just marks the question or something

11 February 2013 - 11:33pm

Any replies would be appreciated

16 February 2013 - 3:37am


I have just taken the IPAT Test and I can confirm its pretty damn hard. The number series was probably harder than the numerical reasoning id say because it is easy to get stuck looking for certain methods, you have to kinda think outside the box. I would definitely follow jaffacake101's advice and write down in simultaneous equation form as many of the numerical reasoning questions as you can. I found that easier to solve the problem and not get confused by the wording.

I am applying for Strategic Analytics anyone else in the same boat? or any one who is already part of the IBM team and can offer any advice?

Also antrikohs I thought the exact same thing as you but it is where the question number should be im sure, not the number you are looking for, it wouldnt make sense if it was like that (I hope).
Much appreciated

27 February 2013 - 7:30pm

Hi Guys, i also recently took the IPATO test, and it was more challenging thant i thought....especially with the time limit that adds more pressure....i tried to prepare beforehand with plenty of numerical sequences and online aptitude tests but this was much harder.

Some questions are easy some are really hard! dont think there is much you can do to prepare except take it when your focused and ready.....and get a scrap piece of paper to do quick working out and you should be fine.

I have no idea how i passed because i struggled but i think the second part of the test boosted my score a bit because they are straight forward.

27 February 2013 - 7:36pm

Guys i also found this link online, regarding a package that offers the IPATO test and Assessment centre practise for around £29-59 but i dont know how trust worthy is it lol

1 March 2013 - 4:02am

I completed the IPAT yesterday.. It was extremely time pressured :( and I could not complete some of the questions in time. How many questions per section do you guys reckon, need to answered right to pass the test? Im freaking out over the results!

21 April 2013 - 9:39pm

My elder brother did the exam, I will talk about this problem and will let you know soon. please provide your PM.

17 June 2013 - 6:07pm

The IPAT test is simply a useless test that doesn't examine your knowledge in computer science / programming languages at's just something that let the HR recruiters survive and keep their salaries, don't waste your time !!

5 July 2013 - 4:52pm

I've only took the IPAT test and I hope it's the only one I have to take but how do the other aptitude tests compare?

8 July 2013 - 9:59pm

i've just been asked to complete this test, what did you all do for preparation are there any practice questions available online?! HELP!

9 July 2013 - 12:47pm

Just completed this, very difficult. I have done inductive reasoning tests which I found much easier or at least easier to work with. As someone stated, the timer was putting me under a lot of pressure and was too much time for some questions and too little for others. Best advice would be to write down workings, don't try to hold numbers in your head.(No matter how small the task may seem)

9 August 2013 - 12:25pm

Hi I have a Ipat test in few days. Can anyone tell if the numerical section contains data interpretation?
Please help. I am already in pressure after seeing this comments about how tough IPAT is,, So please help.

20 August 2013 - 7:26am

hi. i wrote IPAT on 18 july. Did not hear anything after test. does they inform you if you are not clear?

20 August 2013 - 7:26am

hey do you get your result?

26 September 2013 - 10:20pm

I did it the other day and felt sick the whole way through it, it's ridiculously hard!!!!!!! :(