Just completed PwC Application process (and others) and got offer, anyone have any questions?

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30 November 2011 - 12:19pm

Having just went through the application process for:

PwC (Got an offer) KPMG (Got an offer) Grant Thorton (Got to telephone interview stage) Ernst & Young (Only passed online tests)

Got a large amount of information from this website regarding these application processes and I would be happy to answer any questions.

Some specifics, all Belfast applications.

PwC was for Tax, although auditing is the same process KPMG Audit Grant Thorton Tax E&Y Tax

starting september.

Ask me questions!

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28 May 2012 - 5:16pm

I would advise you practise your shl questions properly before writing the tests work on your speed and if you don't have the practice question check assessmentday.co.uk website they have some good practise question although it comes at a fee.

27 May 2012 - 10:35pm

Hey guys i have completed my application and invited for psychometric tests and I am bit worried. Any tips guys on how to tackle this as I always get rejected.



15 May 2012 - 2:05pm

THANKS A TON - waffles247 !! That was certainly of much help.

In case if there is anyone out here who is preparing for the first stage telephone interview for any graduate position and want to discuss with me regarding the interview, please let me know.

14 May 2012 - 12:27pm

They said I could relocate to Leeds (baring in mind I live in Southampton) but the odds of getting a place are "less then likely". Ridiculous!

14 May 2012 - 11:13am

why didn't they allow you to defer, change location or line of service? they usually do that!

14 May 2012 - 9:28am

As you can see in one of the posts above I talked about my PwC experience so far. Well much has changed since then and they drasticslly dropped I'm my estimations. After passing the assessment centre I was invited to a partner interview. I passed this and was told I had passed all stages of the application process and would be contacted soon after. Obviously I became ecstatic at the prospect of overcoming all aspect of the application process. However this is where there was a complete twist. I didnt hear back from PwC in over a week and therefore took the initiative to contract them myself. I got straight through and everything was going ok as I was given additional feedback on my overall performance. I then stated that I was still awaiting an offer prior to passing the partner interview. I was then passed on to talk to the recruitment officer of Southampton. She seemed a nice person at first but when I was notified that most of the positions in this branch was filled in Decmeber and that although I had passed all stages there was no job for at the end of it. Obviously I was very angry at this point and told the woman that I was extremely unhappy and would be writing this review to tell everyone that at PwC your treated like a number. Your hot housed and barely treated like a human and there all happy to notify you of good news but when it's bad they may just leave it for a couple of weeks and not even seem bothered.

Anyway, I have landed a position in another firm and I am happy that, after the way I was treated, I didn't end up getting the job at PwC.

Good luck to everyone!

13 May 2012 - 7:21pm

It's best to not look for the answer you think they expect. The whole idea of the situational judgement questions is for the firm to understand what you would do.

13 May 2012 - 7:18pm

Hi svp21,

Sorry to hear you were unsuccessful in your application. I assume you had the telephone interview only; in the telephone interview, you are mainly being assessed on four/five of the ten competencies, a little of commercial awareness and to have a degree of knowledge of the course you will be studying (I assume you went for the Tax Technician position).

Obviously, there will be a lot of prep work involved beforehand. So take a long look at all of the competencies and think about three or four examples which are flexible enough for you to mould during the interview which will allow you to cover more than one competency. For example, lets say you participated in the Merrill Lynch stock market trading game during university with 4 of your friends. This could potentially cover the following competencies: - Team work - for obvious reasons; - Communicate with impact and empathy - "I had to convince my friends to trade in stock x rather than stock y...."; - Manage projects and economics - "We played this game while studying at university so we had to manage our time between coursework, revision, social events..."; - Acquire commercial expertise - "Playing the game involved a lot of research into many different areas such as stock markets, economic events, etc..."

Another thing is to make sure you stick to the point. Using the same example above, if you have been asked to display the Team work competency, do not start explaining it from the context of the Communication competency.

I was also asked about how I kept myself up to date in terms of current affairs then asked to explain about an article I found interesting. Do not do this the night before!! It would be prudent to start keeping up to date as soon as you fill out your application form. The person on the phone will have no idea what you will say and is unlikely to have any particular probing questions. However, it is best to perhaps do a little background research into the companies involved in your article of choice (I don't mean the level of detail such as their level of turnover during FY11, but maybe things such as: have they been involved in this type of activity before) You will almost certainly be asked about your view/what you would do in that situation so be prepared.

Look for the syllabus on the ATT website and find out what you would be studying, the exams you will take, etc. It might help if you try to link your education/academic qualifications with the course itself. For example, if you studied Accounting a-level, briefly mention it and say it would help with the Accounting Principles module.

I personally find that it helps if you have a bit of banter (not necessarily the right word, but it will suffice). During my telephone interview, my phone (mysteriously) cut the interview short. When she called back, I made a joke of it and she seemed to warm to me a little more and I felt safe enough to throw in a few jokes during the remainder of the interview. Lets face it, if you have a nicer time with the interviewer, they're more likely to have a positive view of you as you've shown that you can get on with people and have social skills.

I suppose they're looking for you to be able to articulately explain your point. If they want to know about x, don't start waffling on and start talking about y when it is of little or no relevance. As I stated earlier, the GCCs are the main topics for the telephone interview so you would do well to focus on those.

30 April 2012 - 4:06pm

hey everyone,

thanks for the great feedback from everyone here. this post was really helpful.

Having been unsuccessful in my first interview now, I started analysing my own answers to find where did I made the mistakes. Unfortunately, I could not figure out the exact reason for being unsuccessful.

I mean, comon, I did found few mistakes already but still want to know what is it exactly that gets tested.

Also, I am confident about the examples I gave for each competencies and did convey them properly. I also got pretty much the same questions as you guys i.e. from the competencies.

Can somebody here tell me , how should you approach questions or answer the questions to the competencies ? I am really keen to know what is it that is actually being tested during first telephone interview and on what basis they make a decision.

(P.S. I know there is no specific answer to the competency questions but still... hope you know what i mean)

Any help, advice, experience appreciated guys ! Thanks a lot.

30 April 2012 - 9:34am

Hi Guys,

Can anyone advise me on the situational judgement questions. I tried some of these questions and I don't know what they expect.

For example, in a situation where you are super busy working on a project with a project leader, and a colleague or another project requires your assistance on some other work that has an urgent deadline, how would you handle this situation.

Also, in a situation where you are conducting an audit and the client has explained the process to you but you realise you could not understand. Do you consult with the client again or with the manager?